Artist Statement

The creation of art is the ultimate problem without an exact solution.  Like many artists, the creation of art brings me pleasure, peace, and intellectual stimulation, but most importantly a voice.  With this voice, I am given the opportunity to cry hysterically, scream with fear, and laugh out loud, under the veil of my art.  We all have stories to be told, some choose text or words while I choose images.   My artwork consists of  different subjects and a variety of media because with each new experiment I am given the opportunity to challenge my creativity and beliefs.  The training of an artist never truly ends because with each creation I mature as both an artist and as a human being.

How does it begin or take shape?  Sometimes with a dream or an event that strongly resonates but always with an emotion that must be expressed.  I begin the brainstorming process by reviewing images from media, personal photographs, art historical examples, etc. and I begin to compile these images and compare these tangible examples with the bigger image in my mind’s eye.  I create a number of compositional sketches on paper as well as using Photoshop so that I can create a formally successful piece.  I choose my media based on the emotion I intend to convey; e.g.,  pastels remind me of lighthearted and happy images while watercolor symbolizes tears or  the overwhelming feeling of lack of control.  My work is often multi-media depending on the layers of story or emotion that needs to be expressed.

My current work has become more detailed and formally controlled.  I spend more time in the planning/conceptualization process, troubleshooting the solutions of my challenge before committing to paper. Since college I have felt compelled to develop a unique style but I believe this continually changes as I mature.  Aggressive lines, bold colors, and dramatic lighting are formal elements that are evident in all of my work.   I am most inspired by artists that create psychological portrayals and use thickly applied/impasto textures.   As I grow older, I am less concerned with strictly creating a visually pleasing piece and more concerned with challenging the viewer to take a second look and search for their personal connections to the story/image placed before them.


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